Barnes and Noble: Books, Nook eBooks, Music, Movies, and Toys

Barnes and Noble is a United States bookseller with over 700 stores in 50 states. It currently has the title of the “United States’ largest national bookstore chain.” However, both its physical stores and online store also carry magazines, newspapers, DVDs, graphic novels, gifts, toys, music, and its own eBook reader/tablet, Nook.

Also called B&N, its book inventory boasts over 1 million titles ready for purchase, which is even more than leading competitor, In 2009, Barnes and Noble likewise competed with Amazon for the then just emerging eBook market with the Nook eBook readers and tablets. It was the first to have a groundbreaking book lending feature.
Founded as a New York City-based bookstore in 1886, it continues to be headquarters in Fifth Avenue, New York City.